About me

I am currently first-year master student of Department of Electrical Engineering at University of Washington. My principal interests lie in the area of computer vision and machine learning. Now I am a Member of Information Processing Lab, supervised by Prof. Jenq-Neng Hwang.

I am a quick learner, problem solver and team worker who has a strong passion in machine learning and computer vision, as well as system development.

What’s new

10/2018, I submitted my first journal paper, “Group Re-Identification with Multi-grained Matching and Integration”, to TPAMI, 2018

09/2018, I received Student Travel Grant for ACM Multimedia 2018 conference, which is funded by US National Science Foundation(NSF).

07/2018, My paper, “Group Re-Identification: Leveraging and Integrating Multi-Grain Information”, was accepted as poster at ACM Multimedia 2018.

06/2018, I started my intership at TuSimple as a Machine Learning Engineer in Perception team.

04/2018, Our UW team won Track 1 & Track 3 at the NVIDIA AI City Challenge Workshop at CVPR 2018. [Link]

09/2017, I started my master study at University of Washington.

06/2017, I got my bachelor degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.